Press accreditation for traditional as well as online media is only obtainable via the press accreditation form on this website.

TDRF makes a selection from all applicants, we select among others on the basis of the following criteria:
  • Type of medium, range and distribution area
  • Target audience of the medium

  • We ask the traditional media (writing and sending press) to make at least one demonstrable pre-publication about the official rankings and competitions of TDRF.
  • We ask the online media to make at least three demonstrable pre-publications about the official rankings and competitions of TDRF.
  • The bigger the contributions in the PR of the official rankings and competitions of TDRF, the greater the chance of awarding you press accreditation. Therefore please describe your contribution in detail.

Photo- / video passes:
  • A photo pass gives access to the entire terrain except the VIP area and the backstage area.
  • A photographer with photo badge may use a professional camera with removable lens.
  • Without a photo badge it is only possible to make atmospheric photos with a small consumer camera without an interchangeable lens.
  • TDRF will provide high quality photos and images available for use in your publications. These photos can be used royalty-free and are published in a protected environment.
  • Film and sound recording equipment in any form is not permitted unless you have a video pass. Note: this is strictly controlled.
  • Press accreditation from individual photographers, not connected to a press organization or newspaper, or photographers who sell images commercially are not awarded

Upon approval of press accreditation, the applicant receives a voucher for a single press strap (and a photo or film badge under strict conditions).

Soort medium
For which event do you apply for a press accreditation?
When will your publication be published / broadcasted?

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